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Shadowrunner Knowledge: The dreaded Chantico is a master of dominating minds and interrogation. Not much else though is known about this Blood Mage, besides the fact that he is always found in the company of his bound animal spirit Zinchitcha (Jaguar looking creature). Chantico originates from Aztlan, but is sent out from city to city, when deemed necessary. He currently resides in Seattle to help assist with security issues, and to help investigate some missing artifacts from the Aztechnology Pyramid (enclave).

Shadowrunner Knowledge: Zinchitcha, the mighty bound spirit of Chantico goes where ever its companion does. Known for its ferocious combat style, and dominance of animals; Zinchitcha travels with packs of felines to use as tactical pawns during combat.



Bloodletting and symbolic sacrifices play an important role in many mystical traditions including Voodoo, the Aztec and Asatru traditions, and some sects of Wicca, Druidism, Theurgy, and Orthodox Qabbalah. In the Sixth World, the term "blood magic" refers specifically to the practice and techniques involved in sacrificing someone’s lifeblood and life energy to fuel magic. Blood magic is believed to have been learned from malicious spirits or ancient tomes. As a vicious sacrificial act, it is illegal in most nations, with the notable exception of Aztlan, though most of the sacrifices performed in public there have a religious rather than arcane connotation. In Shadowrun, blood magic is represented by mastery of a number of obscure metamagic techniques whose mysteries are jealously guarded by secretive magical brotherhoods, malevolent spirits, and psychotic cults. It is strongly advised that twisted metamagics remain the province of NPCs. Player characters should not have access to these powers unless the gamemaster allows them to become twisted. This metamagic may only be learned with the aid of an instructor of the same tradition or a free spirit who knows and is willing to share the technique. It can never be learned through
 self-initiation. An initiate using Sacrifice can reduce the Drain of any magical skill test by drawing on the life energies of a "donor." To do so, the initiate must inflict a physical wound on the willing or unwilling donor; for symbolic purposes, the damage must be inflicted with a melee weapon and must draw blood.
 Sacrifice requires two Complex Actions completed consecutively. Taking any other action between the two required actions will negate the attempt. The initiate first performs a normal melee attack using the appropriate melee weapon skill. The target may attempt to parry, block, or dodge as normal. If the target is restrained or prone, appropriate melee modifiers apply (see p. 148,
SR4). While any living creature can be used as a donor, the blood of sapient donors (metahumans and critters with the Sapience ability, such as sasquatches and dragons) is more potent. For each box of Physical Damage inflicted on a sapient donor, the
 Drain in the subsequent action is reduced by 1. For non-sentient critters, the DV is reduced by 1 for every 3 boxes of damage (possibly less if the donor is significantly smaller than an average human). Spirits can never be donors, even if they are currently possessing a living body. An initiate may use himself as a donor, drawing on his own life force to reduce the Drain of his spells. A blood magician can inflict any desired level of Physical damage on himself. Sacrifice is the prerequisite for a number of advanced metamagic techniques. 
Invoking Blood Spirits Prerequisites: Sacrificing and Invoking (p. 57) While Sacrifice is known to several twisted paths, few share the knowledge of invoking blood spirits. Blood spirits are primarily summoned by nahualli of the Aztech tradition and more rarely by blood magicians of other traditions. To use this advanced metamagic, magicians must first master both Sacrifice and Invoking. A blood sacrifice
 (during which the donor must be killed) is performed as part of a modified Invoking ritual. Rather than invoking an appropriate great form spirit from a bound spirit, the ritual transforms the bound spirit into a great form blood spirit. The death of the victim reduces the Drain of the Invoking ritual per the Sacrifice rules. When the invocation is fueled by the sacrifice of a living entity, the essence of the donor is imprinted on the invoked spirit. Blood spirits tend to take the appearance of bloody and savage amalgams of the donor and the bound spirit type (e.g. a blood-soaked Aztec guardian spirit with the face and body of the donor from whom it was created). The violent nature of the sacrifice makes the invoked blood spirit aggressive and difficult to control. It will always turn on its summoner if it becomes free.

That Other Pyramid in Seattle’s skyline (smaller but no less impressive than the former Renraku Arcology) belongs to every runner’s favorite bogeyman, Aztechnology. The Neo-Aztecdecor is impressive, from the laser-lit 20-meter pictoglyphs etched in synthetic quartz on the pyramid’s slopes to the obsidian bayonets on the assault rifles of the guards. In addition from raking in money on consumer goods and agricultural products, Aztechnology is dedicated to the pervasive spread of Aztlaner culture—which, of course, includes broadcasting live blood sport matches to Latino and AmerInd gangers. 

Seattle is a coordination hub for Aztechnology’s North
American activities—and that’s a lot of activities, from consumer goods distribution and electronics manufacturing to weapon sales and magical research. As such, there’s a steady stream ofencrypted communications with Tenochtitlán. Rivals are always looking for these, so if you can get a hold of this paydata there’s good money to be made in the black market. Aztechnology Seattle is protected by a full battalion of their celebrated Leopard Guards. Modeled on an ancient Aztec warrior order, these elite troops are predominantly Awakened or heavily cybered. Rumor is, the guards hold weekly religious observances within the pyramid, featuring blood-drinking and sacrifice.


> Ever feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up when near the pyramid? That’s probably cuz Aztechnology keeps it in the footprints of no less than three orbiting commsats—the Powers That-Be keep more than one eye on their Emerald City assets.

> And here I thought it was just spillover spookiness from the pyramid’s impressive magical security features. Heck, they’ve even programmed hints of patrolling spirits and mojo wards into their AR overlay broadcasts.

> After losing Dever back in the day Seattle is the last stronghold on this half of the continent. They’re taking no chances.
>>>> Pistons

Leopard Guard

The dreaded leopard guard are the bane of any shadowrunner. Quick response, heavy equipment, and outnumbering forces, the Leopard Guards are well known for shutting down any contract against them. And as shadow-ops heightens do to Corporate tensions, Aztechnology has beefed up its Leopard Guards and their preparation techniques.

In Seattle, the Leopard Guards have special access to high-speed elevators that are permissible by Leopard Troops. At any given time there are at least 500 Leopard Guards ready for action (average response time between 20-120 seconds), and another 500 or so off duty and ready to be called in at a moments notice. Like their mascot, the Leopard Guards are trained for quick attacks with heavy firepower. They take great pride in their track-record, as there have been very few intruders that escape from Leopard Guards' grips, and they always are ready for the occasional "offensive" assistance that may be needed in desperate times.


Toxic Tunnels
Azzytoxicriver.jpg picture by burt_reynoldz_mustache
Bubbling green, the toxic waste river that flows from the Aztechnology pyramid is a frightening secret kept between UCAS officials and Aztechnology. Being one of the first Archologies in Seattle, the hunger for corporate profit within Seattle's plex' caused many city officials to rush the construction of the Aztechnology building in 2038. Unfortunately one element that was neglected during the building's construction, was the amount of waste which would be created by the Corporate building's nuclear reactor that privately fueled the complex. Over 400,000 gallons of toxic waste is created every year by the Complex, which is an alarming rate that put the Seattle metroplex in a panic.

The solution? Aztechnology and the UCAS harbored a back-door-deal that involved the reconstruction of an abandoned sewer system under the city, to push out the unwanted waste through both Ground Zero of the Redmond Barrens and unclaimed Salish-Shidhe territory. The plan costs Aztechnology almost a million nuyen a year to protect, maintain, and distribute the waste through unpopulated areas, and another million a year to rent the UCAS pipelines that extract the materials. And while if Terrorfist! ever reached word of the manufactored toxins flowing under the city streets, you'd be sure to hear about terrorist attacks on the archology,, UCAS and Aztechnology officials have taken secretive actions to ensure that the classified services are legal according to National guidelines. But though the distribution of toxic waste to contaminated areas might be able to withstand Judicial prosecution, it by know means would be something that either side wished for public awareness, making the information extremely dangerous to any outsider who is aware of the fact.

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>>>>>There are a few people who know about this, but unfortunately they don't dare speak up. A few years back some Gaeatronics engineers were sizing up the Seattle sewers for possible power pathways when they stumbled upon it. The next day they went missing before anything could go public. Witnesses say that some men came in the middle of the night and dealt with the situation. Bad for them, but good for those Shadowrunners who were paid handsomely for that gruesome job.
-Rigger Mortis
>>>>>I hear that Aztechnology promotes Toxic Shamans to inhabit the sewers, even setting up resources for them to live in the restricted sewer tunnels. They make sure to supervise the sludge-brains and make sure they don't get too devious, usually destroying them with blood mages if the toxic shamans get too strong.


The Smoking Mirror

The Smoking Mirror is the dark, hidden secret of the popular public worship of Tezcatlipoca in Aztlan. While Tezcatlipoca has his own temples and his priests are major players in both Aztlan and Aztechnology, the Smoking Mirror cult is the stuff of rumors and nightmares. It’s said that the high-ranking priests are all blood mages. Some rumors even place high-ranking cult members at the highest level of Aztechnology. The most frightening of rumors are those that hint that the priests follow the dark god Tezcatlipoca made flesh, a living god who directs their every move …

Masters of Blood
While all fear the great capabilities of Blood Magic, few can deny that those who study Blood Magic have access to abilities that most other magic users only dream of. Considered a divine art form by most "Aztec Priests", blood magic has the ability to infused the body with heightening strength, use vessels as foci so that the magic user can cast things above his normal caliber, and open up new astral worlds that are closely knitted with the dangers of the universe. One of their most innovative and renown magical technologies that stem from their divine art form are their Blood Fetishes. Foci that only Blood Mages can use, these relatively easily made items infuse the graces of blood infusion with the might of the magical world. Smoking Mirror initiates often will be gifted with weaker blood fetishes, while High Priests and Priestesses can be found with multiple high-powered blood fetishes that can help cast immense spells with little drain from the magical vein.
blood fetish
A blood fetish is a particularly potent enchantment fueled by blood magic, introduced in Digital Grimoire. For those without access to that ebook, the rules have been reproduced here: A blood fetish functions in all ways as a fetish or talisman (see Limited Spells, p. 172, SR4A), except the magician gains +4 dice to resist Drain when casting the spell attuned to the blood fetish. Attuning a blood fetish requires a simple 10 minute ritual that inflicts 1 box of un-resisted physical damage that cannot be healed while the blood fetish is attached.

High Priests and Priestesses in Seattle

Avita Torrez, daughter of Tezcatlipoca, sister of slain Bruce Torrez, and Feathered Serpant, is the head of Aztechnology after a trusted board of Aztechnology Board Members were relieved of their duties do to insubordination. Her upbringing under the arm of her cruel father and her commitment to the merciless Blood Mage traditions has made her quite a fearless, but feared, member of Corporate Society. And though it is not public knowledge that the head of Seattle's Aztechnology branch is of dragon descent, her vicious business tactics are renown throughout AAA Corporate Society.

Her latest business endeavors involve aggressively pulling out of uncompetitive products, and instead creating a market campaign for traditional home products. Recent buyouts of subsidiaries Coca-Cola Classic and Andromita Baking Goods have helped raise Aztechnology stock, guaranteeing them a long term in the AAA top tier. As for personal endeavors, those who are in the know are even unsure as to what the Feathered Serpent has been involved in. Some rumor that she has invested in the hunting of ancient artifacts, but for what reason is yet unknown.



A blood-mage and ranking member of the Smoking Mirror, Itztli is a mage who has let his power go to his head. He’s cruel and confident, and likes to play with his victims before using them to fuel his magic. As is standard with Aztechnology blood-mages, Itztli has a cranial bomb linked to a biomonitor. This ensures that the bodies of their blood-mages never fall into the wrong hands.


A native of Aztlan, Chantico can trace his Aztec blood lines to the BC era and has gained a place within the Smoking Mirror's highest Priest Ranks. A master of manipulation spells, Chantico has spent the last two years disciplining his body with the blood magic path; going on multiple astral quests and strengthening himself through multiple blood rituals. His latest status is unknown, though it is presumed that he has been assisting Avita Torrez in her latest shadowy goals to attain lost artifacts.